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One Loud Frock, Eight Conversations

One Loud Frock, Eight Conversations

One loud frock, eight conversations

New to Frocktober but not sure where to start? Here's an easy way to get involved for the first time.

Simply dress up in your loudest outfit (a dress, a shirt, or maybe even something that reminds you of someone lost to cancer), post to social media and tag eight friends encouraging them to get involved. It’s an easy way to spread the word, raise funds, and start important conversations.

We've created a simple guide that has some conversation starters, as well as some social media tiles to share.

How to get involved:

Choose the loudest, brightest frock or outfit you own

Take a snap to upload to your socials along with a fact about ovarian cancer

Tag eight friends, encouraging them to take up the challenge

Why are we getting loud?

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that too often gets overlooked by policymakers, by society, and sometimes by women themselves.

And the only way to fight that silence is to get loud.

To get loud by sharing stats on social.
To get loud by wearing something that will spark a conversation.
To get loud by making a splash at an event.
To get loud by quietly remembering a loved one.
To get loud by funding research (because actions speak louder than words).
To get loud by exclaiming eureka in the Lab.
To get loud by bringing our collective voices together to make a difference for all women, now and in the future.

Getting loud means different things to different people and however you want to get loud, we support you.

So this Frocktober, let’s get loud.