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Hi there, I’m part of this to raise awareness and support for this extremely important research area! I’m committing to be challenged to wear a different dress, every day for all 31 days - wear a frock regardless of the activity I will pursue that day -to show my support.

My Updates

31 Oct 2020

Here are a number of final frocks from our team members - celebrating our achievement!!!!

31 Oct 2020


31 Oct 2020

Wahoo! Day 31 and dress #34! Got together with fellow Frocktober team mates who are based over in the west for a celebratory morning tea (with bubbles)! This one is an amazing By Samantha Melbourne Brighton print wrap dress - first wear on this auspicious day! As I wrote I’ve managed to hit the $2,000 in donations (thank you so much to those for have been so generous 🙏!). Our team are $30 away from a collective $25,000 - all I can say is ‘Wow!’

31 Oct 2020

Bit of a crazy day today and late posting for the penultimate day with temps pushing past 37c in Western Australia 🥵! Later day at work too 🥴 so I hear a fruity ‘Frocktail’ calling me home. Dress #33 is a Leina & Fleur Monique (yes a favoured style) I my favourite coloured wine, I mean favourite colour - Claret 😉 🥺. With my lovely ‘Lucky Lenny’ Flying Duck brooch and my Frocktober favourite brooch!

29 Oct 2020

Day 29! Sculptures by the Sea, Rockingham. Commuting with some badass kookaburras 😀

29 Oct 2020

31st dress of the month, my first, but lovely, Spring print wrap from By Samantha Melbourne a few cute brooches to fit the theme today for our Team Australian Dames of Fashion had a theme day - Flower Power!
Team awesome today hit our 7th fundraising target of $20,000 and they have pushed it higher with only 3 days to go 💰🤫☺️😳😉!

Woweee for the power of piping on a frock. 4 weeks in, 28 days, 31 different dresses so far!

28 Oct 2020

A quick round up of 28 of the 30 dresses worn so far!

28 Oct 2020

Whoops! I missed day 27, dress#30. A By Samantha Melbourne split Jessica pretty print wrap dress, Bluebell earrings and my new favourite ‘Frocking Fabulous’ brooch

26 Oct 2020

A day weary working from home day today in frock number 29 (?) of the month. Leina & Fleur Victoria empire line dress on navy with pockets me up shocking pink shoes and an in-your-face large pink brooch to match 🤩

26 Oct 2020

Bonus extra for Day 25 , yesterday, dress 28 of the month!

25 Oct 2020

#frocktober2020 day 25 was hot, hot, hot in Perth and so we all got some sun and sweat on performing on Japanese Taiko 🥁 at a Spring Fair.

Today’s dress was created by Carole - the gorgeous Japanese Hapi with intricate silk panelling! Also modelling ‘By Carole’ twisted black/red head and wrist bands Leina & Fleur Brynne pants, ourTaiko Do - The Drums of Japan signature performance best and a pair of everyday drop earrings from Ruby Olive

24 Oct 2020

Wahoo! Today was a bonus team got Animal’ theme day (day 24)

23 Oct 2020

Today (day 23) Was all about Kisses and Lips.
#for Melat
#Kissdoms Keep it Super Simple

23 Oct 2020

Mirror Selfies are clearly not a sting point?! This was Day 22 Leina&Fluer Monique in a Navy oriental flower print!

21 Oct 2020

Smiley day 21! Brought to you from my office ‘love seat’ - our team Frocktober theme today was Spots or Stripes. Dress # - Spots

20 Oct 2020

Today’s sad fact ........ Chemoresistance is responsible for treatment failure and mortality for more than 90% of patients with advanced stage ovarian cancer.
By Samantha Melbourne MayFire wrap dress got me through the day. Roll on 21st October and dress 24!!

19 Oct 2020

Good evening Day 19 of #frocktober2020

Tried to channel some 80s Glam and a Challenge - wear some ‘Dodgers’ baseball team blue! How’d I go?
Colbalt Blue Erica Dress from Leina & Fleur, Ruby Olive White Contrast Feathers and a vintage Portobello Market Mary sparkly diamanté brooch. Too hot for white tights, gloves and shoulder pads in the end 🤷‍♀️🥵 and me and ‘big 80s hair?’ Nah didn’t work

18 Oct 2020

Good afternoon Frock Followers!

🥁🥁Day 18 of #frocktober2020 finds me donning a Leina Edmiston ‘high vis’ coral, blue/purple dress whilst at a rehearsal with the Taiko Do - The Drums of Japan community drumming group! We will drum 🥁🥁🥁alongside the with their Performance Group next weekend at the Cockburn Rotary Spring Fair, and during a quick break one of the group kindly took a few shots (Arigato gozaimasu Carole!)🙏😆.

17 Oct 2020

Fabulously warm and breezy Spring Day for #frocktober day 17! Leina Broughton floral Bonnie style dress (with pockets!!!😍😬)! Taken at the local reserve on the way home after a busy day of walks, Webinars, House tidying and shopping - thanks Mr C 💋
Ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal and least understood cancers. Over the next 10 years, an estimated 14,000 Australian women will die from it.

16 Oct 2020

Disastrous Day 16 selfies. However hit the big target and now on $1,160! The incredible team are collectively well over $13,000 wow! Many, many thanks to all of the donors🙏

16 Oct 2020

Day Fifteen , on the move in Racing Green

14 Oct 2020

Oops Day 14 is today and I’m behind myself here with the days

14 Oct 2020

#frocktober2020 Day 13 was a team Australian Dames of Fashion ‘Wrap (Dress) Wednesday’ collective day. So I’m in a marvellous ‘Lavender’ print By Samantha Melbourne wrap extraspecially😬😉😃💋.

13 Oct 2020

Well a crazy, sobering day at work and then a little impatient with Mr C who was trying to help take a quick dual shot of me in my #frocktober2020 day 13 frock!!

A lovely Camellia print wrap and matchy-matchup tangerine shoes and earrings!
Sad fact - 64% of the community incorrectly believes that a Pap smear will detect ovarian cancer - it won’t 👀🤷‍♀️😳

12 Oct 2020

Day 12 - Pretty in Pink?! Eat your heart out. Today’s donor theme pick was ‘wear a pink dress (maybe not to wok but on the weekend, she said) - I’ll wear it to work! That’s a tally of 14 different frock so far in 31 days with at least 19 to go, all to gain donations to support this vital research.

11 Oct 2020

Day 11! Hmm today trying to emulate the lovely lady on the Frocktober webpage today as I realised I have that one! It’s a summer favourite with just a hint of crazy pink but lots of greens and navy 😍 (Leona, By Leona Edmiston!), but I think I’m more resting ‘flamingo’ than poised 🙃! Did you know that more than 80% of women experience a recurrence of their ovarian cancer after successful treat- ment and a period of remission, at which point their cancer is likely to be chemo-resistant 🙁

11 Oct 2020

Golly the day dashed by and suddenly I’m curled up in my Frocktober Day 10 Monsoon (UK) blue oriental patterned mock wrap dress!

An early detection test for Ovarian Cancer, over a ten year period, would save the lives of 8,000 Australian women & 1.3 million women globally. However there isn’t one! Except, I’m raising money to help all women potentially beat this disease. I’ve pledged to wear a different frock each day, all the days of October

09 Oct 2020

Day 9 and still smiling! Another Leina&Fleur smart frock for work - Monique Dress (with pockets 😉) in Mystique print!

08 Oct 2020

Day 8 - ‘Go yellow’ theme challenge from one of my donors! We found a lovely mostly ‘yellow‘ backdrop too.

08 Oct 2020

Double oops Day 7 Dress#2 was a Leina&Fleur Stella with Zebra accessories

07 Oct 2020

Day 7 #Frock1 - early morning walk in Leina Crane Print!

07 Oct 2020

Day 6 frock

07 Oct 2020

Day 6 - oops sorry I thought it went through. Commuting home ‘selfie’ in Sakura Priny By Samantha Melbourne

05 Oct 2020

Day 5 and the spring weather was glorious. Still on track to make 31 different dresses over the 31 days of October! L&F Clara Coat Dress in my favourite tipple - claret - today given the day started far cooler

05 Oct 2020

Day 4 nine stop, sorting out things at home but dinner at least with a much promised Leina & Fleur Blue Bayou Emmy Dress! Frocktober has raised over $2.3 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) since it began in 2007.

03 Oct 2020

Day 3 - Chin Chin!

02 Oct 2020

Today I share with you ‘All Wrapped Up’ in Terracotta /Spots By Feathers as the weather is a little too cool, even for WA, for a Formal Friday option just yet.

01 Oct 2020

1st October - and we are off. By Samantha Melbourne Kelsey in Emerald with proper protective shoes waiting patiently for the new stone bench tops to arrive at home. Excited!