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1. Ovarian cancer claims the life of one woman every 10 hours in Australia.This disease affects women of all ages. It could be your mother, wife, sister, friend or even your daughter.
2. Ovarian cancer has NO early detection test.
3. I'm a frockaholic!
And when I learnt that I could wear a dress every day for a month to raise funds for the OCRF ... BAM! I was on board. And I'm frocking up for the 4th year this October to help kick it's butt!
The Frocktober campaign invites anyone passionate about women’s health to get involved.
Sponsor me to help improve the odds against this terrible disease that is commonly diagnosed too late.
All funds go to the OCRF. Womankind thanks you!

Please help me “frock up’ this October and fundraise for ovarian cancer research by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. Please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family and colleagues and encouraging others to get involved in changing the future of women’s health. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

My Updates

01 Nov 2019

LAST CALL | Frocktober is officially over for another year. A friend messaged me "happy pants day" this morning. But guess what I'm wearing? Yep... a frock 🙄.
A bonus frock was always on the cards. You see, I know there's some stragglers out there who'll think they've missed the donation window. Donation lines are still open, and I'm wearing one last frock and these funky accessories to encourage those last few friends & relatives to turn those piggy-banks upside down and donate to the OCRF

01 Nov 2019

DAY 31 | Well FROCK me, it's Halloween! Which also spells the end of days for Frocktober.
Madame Zelda looked into her crystal ball this morning and gave a somewhat cryptic reading... 🔮
"I see darknes! But WAIT!... ze darkness iz clearing. I see rain... golden rain falling on Eve's hen house. You be careful... today vill be a deluge!" (long pause as she gazes into the murky orb) "That is all the fortune I have for you. Good day!"
Well! 🤔 Let me know if anyone can make sense of that?! 🤷‍♀️

30 Oct 2019

DAY 30 | Red, White & Blue with a French twist. My necklace and wax seal brooch hark back to the times when letters were hand written. Rare in current times, although I was absolutely delighted to receive a ✉ this week from my aunt. It contained a lovely, hand written message inside, along with a cheque to contribute to my fundraising campaign. I love a bit of old school!
We're out of time for snail mail now, but you CAN donate to the OCRF immediately by clicking on the DONATE button x

29 Oct 2019

DAY 29 | This frock is one I bought WAY back when I started all this frocking madness, and a special lady by the name of Rose was having treatment for this 💩 of a disease.
Having breast and ovarian cancer in my family has made me diligent with my health. I have all the early detection tests I can: skin checks, blood pressure, pap smears, mammograms, ultrasounds etc. But there isn't an early detection test for ovarian cancer.
It's only a matter of time and frankly, it's also about 💰💰💰.

28 Oct 2019

DAY 28 | Just your usual subdued back-to-work Monday attire... NOT! I'd call this a sledgehammer kind of frock. But it's a sledgehammer kind of day I think. Here's some hard hitting facts to accompany my in-your-face frock:
- Since I began #frockingforfunds on October 1st, 122 Australia women will have been diagnosed with this disease.
- Ovarian cancer is the 8th most diagnosed cancer in Australian women.
- The same treatment drugs have been used since 1992
Funds are vital. Donate now!

28 Oct 2019

Now THIS is a pretty great way to start the week off. Thanks to all my supporters so far... you rock (while I frock), and together we are kicking ovarian cancer in the butt!
The BIG question is...
Can I crack my target of $5000 in 4 days' time? I'm game if you are.
Let's do this 🤜🤛👗

28 Oct 2019

DAY 27 | Are we there yet? Almost peeps. Frocktober is winding down. This is the 5th last frock and the sky's the limit. I'm aiming for a $5k total which is totally possible with your help. You can donate through the link right here!

28 Oct 2019

DAY 26 | A quick pic with my beautiful girl before taking her to her friend's Sweet Sixteen celebration.
I frock for her, for her friends, for my nieces, & the 1600 Aussie women who will be diagnosed with this disease this year alone! Women that I don't even know.
I've 'frocked up' each October since 2016. And in the process I've raised over $10K for the OCRF who are passionate about providing improved care for sufferers, and earlier detection for the nation.
Are you feeling my passion?

25 Oct 2019

DAY 25 | I've been wearing florals all week Today's frock is a little number by Leona Edmiston. She's an Aussie 👗 designer. In fact, 21 of my 25 frocks have been produced by Aussie brands (or me 😆).
Our fashion designers are not the only clever, industry leaders Down Under... our scientific researchers are world leaders in the field of ovarian cancer research. But they need our help to keep making inroads into this awful disease. An early detection test is their no. 1 goal.

25 Oct 2019

DAY 24 | A week to go, people!
Featuring my pooch today for cute factor. He's as close as I'm going to get to a white rabbit for my Wonderland vibe today.
I feel such joy every time I wear this frock. Almost as joyful as when my email pings to say "You've received a donation for the OCRF". Don't be late for this very important date ⏱🐇 Ovarian cancer researchers need your funds. PING me! Do it NOW. I double dare ya! 😉

23 Oct 2019

DAY 23 | You know what that means? 8 days til the frocking finish line! I'm starting to pantasize (fantasize about 👖). Help me and the OCRF kick cancer in the pants by donating via the DONATE button
Hmmmm... pants 😊💭👖

22 Oct 2019

DAY 22 | Slightly over dressed for a 'work from home' day, but hey... one of my team mates walked her dog in an evening gown last week!
Just like Mulan (today's brooch), who stole her father's armour and sword and presented as a man to defend a cause, sometimes you gotta do whatchya gotta do to get 💩 done! It may be prettier than armour, but I'm in my battle dress again today... fighting for funds for the OCRF in their quest for continued ovarian cancer research & an early detection test.

22 Oct 2019

DAY 21 | I keep saying I'm going to lengthen this dress, but then I never get around to it. Are you having the same trouble on the donation front? My Frocktober fundraising page is only a few taps/clicks away. Donating to ovarian cancer research is 100% proven to improve your Mondayitis 😜

22 Oct 2019

A great announcement to start the week...$ from the fundraiser a few Saturdays ago has finally hit my tally, clearing $3K.
Still 10 days to go, everyone. With your support this could be my most successful campaign ever! I've included a breakdown of where those funds have been generated. The lady & dude donations (family & friends) are neck & neck thanks to Froktoberfest, and together they account for 27% of the $3334 I've raised so far. I'm hoping for a really strong finish in this sector 🤞.

20 Oct 2019

DAY 20 | Fundraising fatigue is setting in & I'm starting to enter the delirious phase of the Frocktober campaign.
I may look silly, but I'm painfully aware that 3 Aussie women will lose their battle with ovarian cancer today. This stat could be so different with early detection. Why don't you slip some $ to the @ocrf to help make a change.

19 Oct 2019

DAY 19 | Living the sweet life today 🥐🧁🍬 at #broochesbythebay function. But I'm still on the campaign trail for your sweet donations to the OCRF for ovarian cancer research.

18 Oct 2019

Day 18 | Posing with my 'lil lovely in matchy-matchy, made-by-me frocks, and balloons are the order of the day! Balloons symbolically represent celebration 🎈🎉 and I tell ya what... I'll be celebrating long into the night when an early diagnostic test for ovarian cancer becomes available to women in Australia.
I support the @OCRF during Frocktober mainly for the future of my daughter. I do it for ALL the daughters, of which I am one.
Donate for a daughter... doesn't even have to be yours!

17 Oct 2019

When you SMASH one goal, you say THANK YOU! Do a quick happy dance, then set a new goal!
Loving all your support 🥰
But strap yourselves in, this frocking show ain't over by a long shot! Ovarian cancer you can #kissmyass 👗

17 Oct 2019

DAY 17 | Lets play 'Spot the Leopard'... 🧐... ok, you got me! Pink leopard print does kinda stand out. But what about in real life... the leopard is a silent killer lurking 🐆. Ovarian cancer is a similar beast, only it's NOT in plain view with some clever camouflage (and a fashion industry replicating it's beauty). But it IS a silent, deadly disease, and it lurks.
An early detection test would shine a light right on it and help improve survival rates. Please consider a donation yo the OCRF

16 Oct 2019

DAY 16 | I'm just past the half way point, and I'm loving my fence sick over it's billboard qualities 🤣
Got a bookish vibe going on today... I'm copying my cute little Bibliophile brooch by wearing some funky spectacles.
Right NOW there are a bunch of brainiacs working behind the scenes on ovarian cancer research 🧪🧫🧬🔬. This frocking madness is all about securing more funds to help them to keep up their amazing work.
Will today be the day you come on board with a donation?

15 Oct 2019

Day 15 | I've been wondering how to tap into the male market and what immediately sprang to mind was pants (not an option) and beer (I know... so stereotypical!). It just so happens I have been talked into going to my first ever Oktoberfest this Friday. Now I have NEVER consumed more than a sip of beer. I detest the stuff! I'm in it for the schnapps.
BUT... if I were to get 10 blokes on my donor list (there's already 2) or a combined total of Dude Donations equaling $500, I'll totally go there!

15 Oct 2019

Week 2 total

15 Oct 2019

Day 14 | 2 weeks of frocking in the bag today! I'm featuring a lot of pink this week, because it's not only Frocktober it's also breast cancer awareness month. Have you had your girls checked recently? Please don't squander the opportunity you are afforded with the early detection tests that are available to women in Australia. I've been having annual checks since I was 36. I'm so grateful to be able to be proactive about it. Helping the OCRF develop an early detection test is just so important!

13 Oct 2019

DAY 13 | What do budgie and pandas have in common? Well, probably not much more than frocks and ovarian cancer, yet here we are...
When I first heard about Frocktober all I knew was that ovarian cancer is an uncommon, but very deadly cancer that, the Australian government had never provided funding to (this finally happened earlier THIS year). The other thing I knew was that my penchant for frocks could actually be a weapon against such a disease. It's why I frock!

13 Oct 2019

DAY 12 | WOW! An amazing afternoon shared with a group of fabulous women. Plenty of good food, great conversation, and gin for days at this High Tea fundraiser sponsored by @rubyoliveonline
All in aid of raising funds for ovarian cancer research.
I'm pooped! So no witty commentary today. Just gratitude 🥰
I'm happy to share the gratitude if you'd like to donate to this importance cause too.... click on the DONATE button

11 Oct 2019

DAY 11 | Flamingo Fun Friday!
Still got some teal tones lingering, but I'm transitioning towards a new feature colour for next week.
I'm undecided about whether this print on my dress is leaves or feathers. Not nearly as perplexing as the symptoms of ovarian cancer cancer (see Day 9 post for more info) can be for sufferers AND physicians. And you know... a diagnostic test would take a lot of the guess work out of things for our health professionals. Click DONATE to help the OCRF develop one.

11 Oct 2019

Woohoo! 🙌🥳💃
Break out the happy dance, I've reached the $1K milestone.
And my team of #frockingrockstars cracked $5K yesterday. Thank you to my generous donors and the brooching community. Plenty of time left in the month to contribute to this worthy cause.

11 Oct 2019

DAY 10 | in a Blue & Green (or deconstructed TEAL 🤣), swishy frock today. All this frocking madness is to raise money for ovarian cancer research for the #OCRF
I'm a third of the way through my Frocktober campaign and just shy of $1K in funds raised. Anyone keen to give me a boost?
Click on the DONATE button now x

09 Oct 2019

DAY 9 | Retro print frock today. Frocking all month long to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer, because it seems as though the treatment and survival rates are stuck in the 70s.
I met a lady on the weekend who lost a dear friend to this disease. 3 months from (late) diagnosis to death. 3 months!!! And it's no frocking wonder! The symptoms are so easily explained away with advancing age. It's 2019 people... we can do better than this!

08 Oct 2019

DAY 8 | Galloping 🐎 into week 2 of Frocktober. Thanks for all your support, both moral and monetary 🥰
I'm featuring a lot of teal tones this week... the ribbon colour for ovarian cancer.
FACT: Over 50% of the popular INCORRECTLY believes that a pap smear will diagnose ovarian cancer. WRONG!
There is no test... YET! A donation from you to the @OCRF could see all that change. Be a frocking legend and click on the DONATE button... go on, run don't walk! You can even canter if you like 🦓 😉

07 Oct 2019

Week 1 is under my belt

07 Oct 2019

DAY 7 | One week of frocking done and I'm feeling focussed 🤨
Wearing another made-by-me frock and bangle (all other brands tagged).
When I'm not supporting Frocktober, you'll find me creating 'stuff' and supporting other Aussie creatives. But October is all about supporting the OCRF. So here I am, in my frock asking you to dig deep and donate to the ongoing work they do in a bid to change the landscape of women's health.
You can donate by clicking on the link.

06 Oct 2019

DAY 6 | A riot of colour day 🌵🦙 anyone would think I'm on my way to a fiesta 🎉 You know what I'd LOVE to celebrate? The introduction of an early detection test for ovarian cancer, because there's isn't one. We need the clever scientists to create it, and for that we need 💰💰💰 for the research 🧪🔬
Will today be the day you donate to the #ocrf ? You can do so by clicking on the DONATE button.

05 Oct 2019

DAY 5 | Mother-daughter, matchy-matchy (made-by-me) frocks today with an Aussie flavour.
Unfortunately one Aussie woman dies every 8 hours from ovarian cancer. It could be your mother, wife, sister, friend or even your daughter. Research is the answer.
To give to the OCRF click on the DONATE button.
#frocktober2019 #frockingrockstars #frockingforacause #frockingforchange #frockingforfunds #frockyoucancer

04 Oct 2019

DAY 4 of #frockingforfunds somewhere in the Mediterranean. Or perhaps just in front of a cool piece of #brisbanestreetart in the inner city with my no. 1 girl.

Working on a better future for her and all women.

03 Oct 2019

The sun it outstandingly bright today 😎 and I'm doing my best raindance in this fun frock. You know what you get when you put 🌦 sunshine and rain together right?... .🌈 of course!
I'd like to there to be a rainbow at the end of every woman's ovarian cancer diagnosis. But until we get an early detection test in place, we are really fighting the odds. So I'll keep #frockingforfunds all month long to help the @ocrf change that.

02 Oct 2019

DAY 2 | Today I'm frocking out with a flock of feathered friends (what is the collective noun for a group of frocks do you think?)
Anywho... do you have some top chicks, or amazing birds in your life? Course you do! Well there's that saying, "Birds of feather, flock together"... let's rally around women's health in support of ovarian cancer research. It is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in Australian women. Be part of change... donate now to the OCRF now!

01 Oct 2019

ROSES are red,
Violets are blue,
OVARIAN cancer,
I'm coming for YOU!

And it begins...

Frocktober 2019 is a GO!

Hit DONATE to take it to OVARIAN cancer with me!