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Hi Fashionista's....... If last yar wasn't enough the man in a dress is back. Once again at least 31 dresses in 31 days to raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. Like last year, with dresses will be for sale to the highest bidders via my Instagram page #loveyourovaryies.
People ask why would a 182cm, bearded and tattooed man wear dresses for a month. The answers is simple.... for every girl, woman and family in Australian and the world. If my wearing dresses raises money that finds an early detection to this diseases and saves individuals and families from going through the pain and loss my family and myself have gone through, Ill consider stopping. But probably not till a cure is found.
I'm Frocking Up to raise funds for Australia's most lethal gynaecological cancer - ovarian cancer. The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia is just 48%, meaning those diagnosed get less than half a chance of surviving five years from their diagnosis. I want to help change the statistics and give those diagnosed with ovarian cancer a greater chance of survival. Research is the answer. Frocktober supports the OCRF - the leading non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in Australia.

Please help me support the vital work of the OCRF, and the dedicated researchers they fund, by making a donation to my page. Every dollar counts!

My Updates

30 Oct 2022

The generosity of the Australian public continues to astound me. Over $38,000 over the past 30 days. Help raise money for vital research to find an early detection test and better treatment options for more positive outcomes.

14 Oct 2022

Well we're nearing the halfway point of Frocktober 22, this year financial hardships has to be taken into account. Whikst my target may not be met this year every dollar counts.
Thankyou to all that have donated to date and those who will. Never forget to loveyourovaries

02 Oct 2022

Day 1 Frocktober 2022 the dresses are back, so are the supporters.

02 Sep 2022

One month to go and getting excited. Dresses that have been generously donated are starting to arrive. Venue has been secured for the charity auction to be held on the 28th October 22. Looking forward to this years campaign and reaching my goal that enables the vital research to continue

12 Aug 2022

Today marks 2 years since the world lost a beautiful sole. By donating we know that early detection is possible and others don't feel the pain my family and I do every day.