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In a world where there are more types of cancer than people can name, it's hard to know which ones to support, or better yet, even pay attention to.
Both my Dad and my Uncle have died from Cancer, and neither of them had ovaries that's for sure, but as someone who lives with endometriosis every day, I know too well the struggles of having a disease that only affects women.
That's why my heart reaches out to those who have ovarian cancer because it's just another female reproductive disease that the is under-funded, under-researched and simply mis-understood.
Pap-smears don’t detect ovarian cancer!? How could I not have known that before? How can something that kills, not have early detection?
Unlike endometriosis though, ovarian cancer kills. Which is why it needs our support!
This October, join me at @realvictoriarose on Instagram as I post 31 dresses for 31 days in the most elaborate way's I can.