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My mum was the most courageous, graceful, patient, loving person to walk this earth.

When she told us she had ovarian cancer, it was the first time we'd ever heard of it. So, we launched into questions... Did they catch it early? No. Could she just have surgery to get rid of it? No. Would she need chemo? Yes. Was it terminal? We don’t know (parent code for, ‘It’s not looking good’).

Mum fought hard for almost five years. When she passed away, she was at home, in her favourite chair, holding my hand. I swear I saw her smile as she slipped away – I’m sure she was headed to an almighty welcoming party thrown by Dad and Melly.

Ovarian cancer is THE most common cause of death from a gynaecological cancer. Every year approximately 1,600 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, most of them with an advanced stage of the disease. Why? Because there is no early detection test. A pap smear doesn't detect ovarian cancer.

Women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer report four types of symptoms most frequently:

1. Abdominal or pelvic pain.
2. Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating.
3. Needing to urinate often or urgently.
4. Feeling full after eating a small amount.

Men - get your ladies to check their ovaries. Women - listen to your body.

My Updates

31 Oct 2019

Day 31 - AND WE'RE DONE!

31 Oct 2019

Day 30 - could not get a good pic today!

29 Oct 2019

Day 29 - we can help decrease the death rates from ovarian cancer by funding research. It’s what Frocktober is all about x

28 Oct 2019

Day 27 pic

28 Oct 2019

Day 27 - food truck Sunday with the street fam

28 Oct 2019

Day 26 : day and night time frocks

25 Oct 2019

Day 25 - frocking fresh this Friday morning!

25 Oct 2019

Day 24 - frocking around with one of my Frock On! teammates this morning

25 Oct 2019

Day 22 - got my days mixed up! Don't worry I haven't skipped a frock ;)

23 Oct 2019

Day 23 - it was a long day of frocking today...! (thanks for the pic, Kales...) x

21 Oct 2019

Day 21 - Blue decided to get involved today 🐶

21 Oct 2019

Day 20 - recovery day today after a super busy weekend

21 Oct 2019

Day 19 dress because I forgot to add it to my previous post ...🤦🏼‍♀️

21 Oct 2019

Day 19 - off to Richo’s birthday on this gorgeous frocking day x

21 Oct 2019

Day 18 - it’s Friday again! 💃🏼

21 Oct 2019

Day 17 - in a super special frock today x

16 Oct 2019

Day 16 - the birthday frock! x

16 Oct 2019

Day 15 - quick photo with my frockettes before I put my eating pants on and have an early birthday feast! x

15 Oct 2019

Day 14 pic (forgot to attach while sooking about only being half way through the month..!)

15 Oct 2019

Day 14 - almost half way through this never frocking ending month... x

14 Oct 2019

Day 13 - where do the weekends go? Here's most of our Frock On team enjoying the local food trucks on a fresh Sunday evening x

13 Oct 2019

Day 12 - hanging out on this sunshiney day x

13 Oct 2019

Day 11 - a ‘no one needs to see my head’ kinda day x

10 Oct 2019

Day 10 - started with a tantrum but thankfully ended in smiles x

09 Oct 2019

Day 9: We are only a week down and my patience is already wearing thin for frocks...

08 Oct 2019

Happiest of birthdays, Melanie Tamsyn xx

07 Oct 2019

Day 7: THE SUN IS BACK! Happy days x

07 Oct 2019

Day 6 - proudly brought to you by the hangover that made my face unphotoworthy! x

07 Oct 2019

Day 5 - having a flail in our frocks on a pretty gloomy day! x

04 Oct 2019

Day 4 - celebrating hitting the halfway mark of our target in some colourful frocks today x

03 Oct 2019

Day 3 - this beautiful sunshine makes my soul happy. x

02 Oct 2019

Day 2 - Kales and I are back into the early morning starts after a wonderful long weekend. x

02 Oct 2019

Day 1 - in all our frocking glory! x

30 Sep 2019

It’s the last day of Pantstember 👗💙🦋

25 Sep 2019

Hopefully we'll smash through $30K this year! x

24 Sep 2019

And here is our Frock on! Team x

24 Sep 2019

This year we have joined forces with the other ladies in our street to create a formidable frocking team! Here we all are trying to get a good pic of us all..... :) (yes there are some questionable looking 'women' in this bunch...!!!!)

10 Sep 2019

“Wear a frock every day for the month, it will be fun,” they said. Let me tell you right now, it is not fun. Actually, frocks suck a little bit. I’m not totally averse to a nice frock,  but wearing them every day, no matter what the weather is doing, is a bit shit.

Here’s why.... https://wordpress.com/post/flirtingwithfiction1.com/121