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History of Frocktober

How it all began...

In 2007, 10 friends were sitting around a table in a 24-hour diner in Geelong. Their backgrounds spanned business, architecture, health, education and design, but they shared one common concern.

They were discussing how they could encourage more women to get involved in a cause that impacts every woman, everywhere—ovarian cancer awareness and research.

Their solution was a quirky fundraiser that would empower women to rethink something they saw everyday—their wardrobe—and transform it into something special. That’s how Frocktober was born.

The themes these wonderful women imagined shaped the Frocktober movement. Creativity, flexibility and diversity still underpin the campaign to this day.

Now in its 17th year, Frocktober continues to build momentum year on year, empowering women around Australia to Frock Up, Raise Funds and Frock Cancer.


The start

The first Frocktober event, a party hosted by the Frocktober Founders, raised $200.

In 2008, Frocktober Inc was established, which included the first Frocktober logo personified by Laverne Frocktober. Laverne answered any emails that came in with questions, and more generally embodied the spirit of the campaign. She was the ‘every woman’.

The second Frocktober fundraiser was a month full of events, culminating in a Frocktober party at the National Wool Museum in Geelong. It raised over $19,640.


In 2010, Frocktober cracked its first six-figure fundraising total. This year, $112,000 was raised for ovarian cancer research.

In 2011, Frocktober crossed state borders and received its first major piece of national press, with one participant appearing on 9 News Darwin promoting the event.

The Frocktober 2013 campaign was ‘Love the Frock You’re In’

The Frocktober 2014 campaign was ‘Every Frock Has A Story’

A New Beginning

In 2016, the OCRF took the reins of organising Frocktober as it continued to grow.

In 2017, 417 people frocked up, collecting over 6,000 donations and raising over $407,000.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Laverne, Alexandra Nea illustrated the five Frocktober Figures, depicting the diversity of women who take part, including City Chic, Vintage lover and Rockabilly babe.

Frocktober also partnered with Ooh Media, NOVA/Smooth FM, Review Clothing Australia and Broadsheet for increased awareness, delivering four print articles, six online pieces, and a television and news spot.

Our first $1 million year

In 2021, Frocktober raised just over $1 million for the first time in the campaign's history, thanks to more than 700 frockers and their generous networks.

Are you ready to Frock Up and raise funds with this amazing community? Register for Frocktober 2023 and let's make it bigger and better than ever.

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