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2021 Frocktober Girls

Meet our Frocktober Girls for 2021

Rockabilly Babe

Bold is her middle name. You’ll find her rummaging through local markets for that to-die-for statement piece, or in the front row of a Friday night gig, beer in hand. Classic colours are her jam, and she can do red lippy and winged eyeliner like no one else. Wherever she goes, this lady can't help but turn heads.

Vintage Lover

She’s the creative spirit brimming with new ideas—poetry, music, fashion, you name it. Inspiration is everywhere for this lady. She’s always got her sketchbook under one arm, and sporting her latest handcrafted creation. The Vintage Lover is a passionate ethical fashion advocate—upcycling is where it’s at!

Corporate Icon

She's the organiser and the box ticker—by day. Known as the style queen around the workplace, no one can pull off a pencil skirt and stilettos combo like she can. When she’s not nailing pitch presentations, you can catch her rallying the colleagues for Frock Fridays, and letting her hair down after a long week.


When she’s not leafing through the latest magazine at the salon, she’s hitting the high street with her girls in tow. A trend setter and a natural-born beauty, she radiates confidence with every Louboutin-clad step. Just don’t get between her and a 50% off sale.

Fashion-Forward Mum

Effortless style is her thing—despite her two little ones, and the million things on her to-do list. She rocks the casual chic tee dress, or a breezy maxi. With the babysitter on speed dial, she loves any excuse to frock up and have a night out with the girls.

Helping a sister out

They’re here to help a sister out. They love an opportunity to dress up, especially if it’s for a good cause. Whether it’s for a day at the races, a black tie event or just the way they express themselves, this Frocker knows how to have fun with their outfit. They’re always happy to rally the office behind a good cause and love a chance to socialise at Friday night drinks.