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Help a sister out

Everyone is welcome

'Help a sister out' is the perfect way for anyone to get involved in Frocktober. You can create your own challenge and know you're contributing to raising awareness and vital funds for ovarian cancer research.

Every person is welcome to join Frocktober - your gender and identity shouldn't be a barrier. If 'helping a sister out' speaks to you, then you've come to the right place.

Frocktober isn’t all about dresses - though we do love a man who rocks a frock. We’re asking everyone to get involved by dressing up loud and raising funds for those with ovarian cancer. Shirts, bowties, blazers, slacks or dresses — make a statement and get involved in a way that feels true to you. Ovarian cancer affects us all - whether it's the risk we face ourselves or the risk that it poses to the ones we love most.

'Frocking Up' can be your version of dressing for an occasion where the dress code is "Loud". How loud? The limit does not exist!

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Jamie Bretman, Frocktober 2020