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“Frock it!”

Tickets for my Fabulous Frocktober Raffle available here: https://frocktoberraffle2020.floktu.com/

For years I’ve watched on each October as fabulous fashionistas have raised money for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Last year, I took that massive leap of faith and gave Frocktober a go for the first time. I was overwhelmed by the support and phenomenal generosity of my family, friends and colleagues.

I was also astounded by the way in which my participation also somehow started conversations. Suddenly, I was chatting with random strangers and friends alike about Ovarian Cancer, raising funds, sharing stories, connecting and learning so much along the way. I mean, surely I’m not the only one that didn’t realise there is NO early detection test for Ovarian Cancer....how can that even be right?

Money raised will help to create an early detection test, but it will also go towards funding research that explores individualised and targeted therapeutics that will extend women's lives.

While I welcome the amazingly generous donations that you’re going to give (hint, hint😉), I’m also hoping to organise some wonderful opportunities to raise funds in a fun and fabulous way - because who doesn’t need a little light, a little laughter and a whole lot of love right now? 💕

So strap in for the ride! 🛵


Have a laugh, 😂

And if you feel so inclined...

Maybe even donate:) 💰

Let’s tell Ovarian Cancer to Frock off! 👗

My Updates

29 Oct 2020

Frocktober Day 29 - $3560 - Frock yeah!! We’re nearly there!!

That’s a lot of money raised for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF)

I started this month with an “aspirational” goal of $5000. That’s only $1440 left to go! How awesome are you all??

Frocking fabulous!

28 Oct 2020

Day 27 - Woops!

I accidentally posted the wrong photo!

Here is the photo for Day 27:)

28 Oct 2020

Frocktober 28 - Can you believe it? I feel like it’s been the longest month ever!

28 Oct 2020

Day 27 - I’m coming for your donations!

Please? 🙏

You’ll be helping to save lives...

28 Oct 2020

Frocktober Day 26 - Challenge Time!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little sick of myself😂

So for a bit of variety and a whole lot of fun, I’m offering challenges or dress-up themes for each donation of $50 or more.

Want me to dress up for work one day?

Want to challenge me to do something?

It’ll cost ya, but I’m game😉

28 Oct 2020

Day 25 - Let’s Shine a Light 💡 on ovarian cancer ♋️

Don’t let my light hearted video distract you......

Every year, an estimated 1800 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The vast majority of these are at an advanced stage as there is currently no early detection test, and symptoms are frequently misdiagnosed or not reported.

28 Oct 2020

Day 24 - Roll up, roll up, get your tickets here! 🎫 🎪 🐘

$1500 worth of prizes. With Christmas🎄 not so far away, it’s a perfect chance to win the perfect present😃

139 people have bought tickets so far - with 9 fabulous prizes, that ridiculously good odds of winning!

28 Oct 2020

Day 23 - It’s Book Week and we’ve had a moo-vellous day dressing up to the theme of “curious creatures, wild minds!”

Cow costume 🐄 substituting for a dress today (I am dressed up as one of the most fabulously curious creatures I know).

It’s moo-st concerning to think that we only have 8 days left to raise moo-ney for #frocktober2020

28 Oct 2020

Frocktober Day 22 - 412

That’s the number of tickets I need to sell to reach my goal of $5000

This photo is me wondering if we can do it in 9 days....

Actually, this photo is me showing you how many tickets you need to buy....


28 Oct 2020

Frocktober Day 22 - 652 Tickets to go to achieve my goal of $5000! We can do this!

Please help us tell ovarian cancer ♋️ to #frockoff !!

28 Oct 2020

Day 21 - I’m going spotty today!

It’s a shame that ovarian cancer ♋️ isn’t so easy to spot.....

20 Oct 2020

Day 20 - Look, it’s a Zebra crossing 🦓😂😂

Or would you call this zebra twinning? 🦓 👯‍♀️

It was hilarious trying to get these photo/ videos with my phone on a timer...setting up...waiting til no-one was around..running out to the crossing..running to hide when people came out...doing it all again 😂😂😂

It was worth it though...especially if it means you might donate or buy a raffle ticket for my efforts...maybe? 😉

20 Oct 2020

Day 19 - Can you see me? Yes? Not sure? Ovarian Cancer ♋️ symptoms can be like that too.

They can be vague, or can often be misdiagnosed as common female complaints—like bloating and abdominal cramps.

An early detection test is desperately needed to improve the outcome of women diagnosed with this disease.

And until then, we just have to listen to our bodies!

20 Oct 2020

Day 18 - Let’s do this raffle!


17 Oct 2020

Day 17-We Shine a Light on the Disease

I’d like to dedicate Day 17 to all of those amazing woman that have not been so fortunate to have survived this disease.

Helen Hatzis (pictured) was a writer and an ambassador for OCRF.

Helen’s message to other women is: “You know your body and when something isn’t right. Go to your doctor and request that it’s investigated. Be forthright.”

Learn more about Helen and the stories of other amazing women by searching this page.

17 Oct 2020

Day 16 - Cheers!

Um...here is a cheeky photo of me in a frock that I prepared earlier (due to this slacker wearing slacks today 😉)

You don’t need to be slack like me....

Please donate!

15 Oct 2020

Day 15! Are you sick of me yet?

You know what I’m sick of?

Ovarian cancer!

Did you know that if ovarian cancer is diagnosed early, survival rates are over 90%?

But there isn’t an early detection test. That means that most women discover they have this disease at an advanced stage - making chances for long term survival low.

That’s what I’m sick of!

Let’s help send ovarian cancer to frocking hell!

P.S.Today I accidentally twinned with myself from the same day last year.

15 Oct 2020

Thank you!

15 Oct 2020

Day 14 - a challenge for you!


That’s the amount that you have all achieved so far - and it’s only October 14!

I am quite honestly, in awe!

Today has been a huge day of generosity and I’d like to send bundles of heartfelt thanks to all who have donated or bought raffle tickets.

Although there is still some way to go before I reach my goal of $5000 🎯 my heart is very full right now:)

15 Oct 2020

Day 13 - “Every woman, everywhere—free from the threat of ovarian cancer.”

That’s the vision of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Everybody strives to live well—happily, healthily, fully. The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) wants to ensure a future where no woman’s well-being is under threat from ovarian cancer.

We can help!

11 Oct 2020

Day 11 - I wonder....

This is me wondering just how much money it will take to develop an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.....

One thing I don’t have to wonder about is how many tickets I need to sell to raise my $5000 target.


1000 tickets and we will have $5000 for Ovarian Cancer Research

With 20 days to go, that’s absolutely achievable...but to help with my anxiety, how about you help a gal out and jump in early and grab yours now?

09 Oct 2020

Day 9 - Frocktober Raffle Launch

What a morning! What a day! What generosity!

I was just about to launch the raffle when I received an email from Julie Goodwin (Masterchef winner and all ‘round awesome woman) offering 2 cookbooks for the raffle!

I was so excited!!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful businesses that donated! I can’t wait to see how many tickets we can sell!

09 Oct 2020

Day 8 - Off to M&J Becker Wines in the Hunter Valley.

They generously donated and we wanted to say thank you in person!

Some delicious tasting and conversations later and we were driving away with a boot full of new wines for our collection.

So delicious!

06 Oct 2020

Day 6 - This is why Frocktober is so important!

My niece Chloe is wearing a frock for me today.

Imagine a future where women don’t have to fear Ovarian Cancer ♋️

Imagine a future where the 5 year survival rates for Ovarian Cancer is 100%


04 Oct 2020

Day 3 - I was frocking it up with fabulous food, friends and family on Saturday.

Fun fact: two of the fabulous femmes at our dinner are healthy survivors of cancer that had early detection tests...

If caught in Stage 1, survival rates for ovarian cancer patients are as high as 92%. However, only 19% of cases are diagnosed early due to vagueness of symptoms and lack of an early detection screening test.

That’s why Frocktober is so important!

02 Oct 2020

Day 2 - here’s a photo of Doggy Dash for some cash!💰 Please? 🙏 😉 Look how cute he is 🐶 Who could say no to that fluffy face? 💕😉💕

01 Oct 2020

I’m doing things a little differently this year! I’m hoping to organise some wonderful opportunities to raise funds in a fun and fabulous way - because who doesn’t need a little light, a little laughter and a whole lot of love right now? 💕

Watch this space! 🔎

So strap in for the ride 🛵

Let’s tell ovarian cancer to get Frocked 👗 and help find that early detection test ♋️

01 Oct 2020

Frock it!

Here goes!

Day 1 - Who’s ready for a Frocking good month of frills and fabulous frocks?