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Frock Up. Raise Funds. Frock Cancer!

If you're interested in joining Frocktober but need a little inspiration to get you started, we've got your back! Check out our list of fundraising ideas below - there's something for everybody.

Individual Fundraising

To get the cogs turning, we have come up with a few examples that have worked well in the past. Check out the ideas below to inspire your Frocktober fundraising.

Host a Frocktail or dinner party.

Espresso martinis, cosmopolitans, long islands or something else entirely—Frocktail night is calling! 

Do your research and make a menu and ask everyone to bring a bottle on the night. Then it’s all about channelling your inner bartender to shake like you’ve never shaken before. 

Embrace the fundraising spirit and offer your services with a twist for those willing to pay! Served on one knee? With a massage? With playlist selection rights? It’s up to you.

Fashion show

Fancy yourself a fantastic host? You could organise a fashion show at a local clothing store with an entry fee going to the OCRF. Approach local stores, positioning it as an opportunity to show off their latest styles. 

Alternatively, you could host one with your girlfriends, crack out the Champagne and model your favourite fashions.

Trivia night

Community quiz nights can bring people together while also raising money via entry fees. 

Ask an extroverted friend to act as MC, and seek out donated prizes.

You could always run a raffle on the night to collect some gold coins towards your fundraising goal. 

Ask us about what information you can have on tables to start the ovarian cancer conversation.

Fitness frocking

Set yourself a fitness frocking challenge. Whatever your favourite way to keep fit is - do it in a Frock!

Whether it's a long-distance run, hitting the weights room, Zumba, pilates, crossfit or anything in between. Frock up, challenge yourself and ask people to donate in support of your efforts.

Uplift your fundraising by encouraging your friends to donate and set you a challenge (Eg. 50 sit ups) for you to complete in your frock.

Frock sale or clothes swap

Sell some prized frocks and pre-loved clothes on Depop or Poshmark to raise funds.

Want to go further? Consider hosting a clothes swap or market to sell or exchange old dresses for new ones. Your pre-loved items might be another person’s new favourite.

A donation either upon entry or per item is an easy way to raise funds that could be done between friends or on a larger community scale.

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Workplace Fundraising

The workplace is a great place to boost your fundraising efforts. Not only will it open up a whole new supporter base, but it’s a great conversation starter around the water cooler. Pitch it to your boss as a way to boost morale and earn some corporate social responsibility points. To get the cogs turning, we have come up with a few examples that have worked well in the past.

Host an office raffle or auction.

Spark your coworkers’ competitive streak and host an office raffle or auction. 

For raffles, you could do deals to encourage people to give that little bit more for a better chance to win. Source prize items from local retailers who may be willing to donate or give you a discount, and work those network connections for better deals. 

Who knows, the boss might even be willing to offer a special money-can’t-buy prize—like a no-questions-asked day off or a high-end lunch date. Let the bidding begin!

Workplace 'Frock Fridays'

This October, arrange a casual Fridays takeover with Frock Fridays! Gather your work besties and don your most darling dresses every Friday—all in the name of saving lives. 

There’s no reason why the guys can’t join in too and really set the FUNdraising vibe. Keep a collection tin in the break room that lets everyone know how your fundraising is tracking and you’ll smash your goal in no time!

A good old Bake Sale

Never underestimate the power of a good ol' bake sale! Bake some treats such as cupcakes, cookies and slices and let your colleagues know in advance to build the hype ahead of time.

Consider gathering a baking committee to share the load and be sure to tap into some of your colleagues' favourite treats during planning to maximise your sales.

Workplace Frock-Off

Make it a competition! Whether you're in the office or working from home, you can organise a workplace 'Frock-off' for the ages. Choose a theme or let your imagination run wild. Charge an 'entry fee' for those wanting to compete and then ask the rest of the office to vote with their dollars! Pledge your donation towards the best Frock and then donate all the money to the OCRF in the winner's name.

Hot tip: why not make it a thrifted theme? That way you can support your local op shops as well as ovarian cancer research!

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Unsure where to start?

We're here to help you plan your workplace Frocktober fundraiser! Click the button below to fill out an expression of interest form and a member of our team will be in touch to help. You can also check out our workplace guide through the resources button.

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