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Authorisation to Fundraise

Thank you for your interest in running a Frocktober event!

Our Authority to Fundraise form is a formal approval from the OCRF to proceed with your fundraising event.

Complete the digital form below, or download a printable version here, scan or take a photo of all pages and mail to community@ocrf.com.au.

Filling out an Authority to Fundraise form, where the OCRF review your event to approve your event sending you an approval letter registering your event to be listed on the Frocktober website.

We can't wait to hear about all of the event you have planned! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in supporting the OCRF through Frocktober.

By submitting this form I agree:
  1. to conduct my fundraiser in a manner which upholds the integrity, professionalism and values of OCRF
  2. that I will not approach any of the existing OCRF partners or sponsors listed on the OCRF website www.ocrf.com.au. I agree that I will only approach my contacts, sponsors and supporters in the community
  3. that I will not use the OCRF name or logo on any communication materials in relation to your fundraising unless permitted by OCRF and will obtain OCRF’s approval of any statement regarding the relationship between the fundraiser and the OCRF.
  4. to the maximum extent permitted by law, I indemnify the OCRF, its employees, volunteers, members of the committee of management and all sponsors from and against all liabilities, claims, damages, suits, costs, arising from or in relation to the fundraising event that is the subject of form.
  5. the OCRF reserves its right to withdraw approval for the fundraising activity or the use of the OCRF’s name or logo in any communication materials in relationship to your fundraising event at any time if it believes any aspect of the proposed fundraising activity or communication material no longer appropriate for any reason.
  6. the fundraiser organiser of any fundraising event must abide by the appropriate state or territory charity and fundraising legislation and must apply for any permits and/or authorities that may be required. Each state and territory have its own legislation; please ensure prior to running any fundraising activity.
  7. acknowledge that OCRF accepts no liability for this fundraiser.

Authorisation to Fundraise Form