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Where Your Money Goes

Established in 2000, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) has grown to become Australia’s leading independent body dedicated to funding national ovarian cancer research.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s core objective is to fund innovative ovarian cancer research to save women’s lives through early detection and personalised treatment. 

The OCRF directs your funds to the most innovative ovarian cancer research projects around Australia and New Zealand, with the greatest potential for impact. With your support this Frocktober, we are growing the funding pool available for our brightest scientists tackling ovarian cancer in the lab.

The OCRF has four key research priorities, which are the focus of our research funding, in line with our vision and mission:

Early detection

Developing an accurate, non-invasive and accessible early detection test to ensure ovarian cancer can be diagnosed in the early stages, where survival chances are highest.

New & effective treatments

Developing more effective, gentler treatment options that can be personalised to each individual’s ovarian cancer.

Prevention & cure

Reducing disease prevalence through preventative and risk-based research – exploring the ability to 'prevent' ovarian cancer similar to results delivered in other gynaecological cancers.

Managing recurrence

Identifying the cause of recurrence and developing tools to monitor, measure and prevent disease recurrence.

Read more about the OCRF's research strategy.

Together, we can change the future of ovarian cancer.

Supporting ovarian cancer research is essential to lifting survival rates and creating a better future for generations of women to come.