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Frock in your Workplace

Get your workplace involved in Frocktober and support vital ovarian cancer research while looking fabulous.

Why frock up?

  • It's fun, creative and supports a great cause!
  • You can start meaningful conversations about ovarian cancer in your workplace, educating your team, addressing misconceptions and destigmatising the disease 
  • Any workplace can get involved - big or small, in person or remotely
  • It's a great way to build team morale by creating a shared challenge and fundraising goal
  • You are supporting the most innovative ovarian cancer research across Australia & New Zealand

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Why support ovarian cancer research? 

One Australian loses their life to ovarian cancer every EIGHT HOURS. That's over 1,000 lives cut short by ovarian cancer each year. Those diagnosed with ovarian cancer face a 49% chance of surviving 5 years. For those diagnosed in the advanced stages, which is most cases, the five-year survival rate is just 29%.

1 woman dies from ovarian cancer every 8 hours
An early detection test will save 8,000 women over the next decade
Only 29% of women with late-stage ovarian cancer will survive past 5 years

 There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer and there have been very few significant advancements in treatment for decades, resulting in poor long-term treatment success and a high chance of recurrent disease.

There is an urgent need for research funding to change these statistics and save thousands of lives now and into the future.

Unsure where to start?

We're here to help you plan your workplace Frocktober fundraiser! Click the button below to fill out an expression of interest form and a member of our team will be in touch to help. You can also check out our workplace guide through the resources button.

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How to frock up in your workplace

  1. Register for Frocktober 
  2. Create a team for your colleagues to join 
  3. Plan your frock challenge (check out the ideas below) 
  4. Share your fundraising page link with your team and get it out to your networks 
  5. Use our workplace resources to ensure success 
  6. Get ready to frock from October 1st

Great frocking ideas

1. The great frocking bake-off

Do you have some serious bakers in your team? Set them a frock-themed baking challenge and hold an office bake sale. The baker who sells the most of their frock treats is declared the winner and the funds raised from the bake sale can be donated in support of ovarian cancer research. Entice more entrants by organising a prize for the winning baker (Eg. A day off work, a restaurant voucher, a shiny trophy!).

2. Office frocktails

Turn your after work drinks into office frocktails!

Encourage everyone to frock up in their best outfits and host a frocktail party after work, with proceeds from your drink sales (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) donated. You could even run a competition between staff for the best cocktail/mocktail mixologist! Tell those budding bartenders to BYO their best recipe and let your colleagues be the judges. Use gold coin donations as votes to raise a bit more money!

3. Share the effort

Take on the classic 31 Days of Dresses challenge for Frocktober and divide the 31 days evenly between your team. Everyone frocks up on their nominated day(s) and shares a fact about ovarian cancer with the team. 

Ask your boss to pledge a donation on behalf of the business to match any money raised during the month.

4. Host an office raffle or auction

Spark your coworkers’ competitive streak and host an office raffle or auction. 

For raffles, you could do deals to encourage people to give that little bit more for a better chance to win. Source prize items from local retailers who may be willing to donate or give you a discount, and work those network connections for better deals. 

Who knows, the boss might even be willing to offer a special money-can’t-buy prize—like a no-questions-asked day off or a high-end lunch date. Let the bidding begin!

5. Frock Fridays

Who needs a casual Friday when you can go all out for ovarian cancer research instead? Life's too short for boring, so spice up your Fridays by donning your most darling dresses to work, all in the name of saving lives. Keep a collection tin in the tea room and encourage everyone to donate when they're thinking of buying that extra coffee or afternoon treat.

More ideas & resources

Nominate a colleague 

Nominate a colleague (or many) to join you in Frocktober. If you've got a bit of a group together, you could create themes and style challenges throughout the month to keep it interesting. On Wednesdays we wear pink, right? 

Nominate a colleague

Share, share, share!

Make sure your team know that you're participating in Frocktober. From October 1st, set your Slack or Teams icon to one of our pre-made Frocktober icons and consider changing your Zoom background as a conversation starter. You can also share your fundraising page link and your daily or weekly Frock Selfies in the social channel or via a weekly wrap email. 

Download resources

Sponsor a coworker

Looking to make a donation to your colleague's fundraising page? Click the button below to find their page and give generously in support of ovarian cancer research. Every donation, big or small, matters! 

Sponsor a coworker