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I'm Frocking Up to raise funds for Australia's most lethal gynaecological cancer - ovarian cancer. The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia is just 46%, meaning those diagnosed get less than half a chance of surviving five years from their diagnosis. I want to help change the statistics and give those diagnosed with ovarian cancer a greater chance of survival. Research is the answer. The OCRF is the leading non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in Australia, and the largest funder nationwide for early detection research. If an early detection test can be developed, survival rates for ovarian cancer could rise to 90% and above, saving the lives of thousands.

Thankfully I don't have a personal story about ovarian cancer. Please help me support the vital work of the OCRF, and the dedicated researchers they fund, by making a donation to my page. Every dollar counts!

My Updates

31 Oct 2021

Day 31 and the last day. I still have some energy for style challenges. Discounted today only!

31 Oct 2021

Day 30 was pretty rock n roll as I had band practice. I channelled Heart to hit those high notes.

29 Oct 2021

Day 29 and spookily I met my goal again! So I've raised to to just above what I raised last year. Can you help me get to this one?

29 Oct 2021

Day 28 was Grease movie part 2 and I was a beauty school drop out.

27 Oct 2021

Day 27 saw me Flapping around in a sponsored challenge. Helen from choir asked for Flapper era.
A big day too as I met my fundraising target, and one of the Dames is in the running to be MVP Frocker!

27 Oct 2021

Day 26 part 2, what I wore to choir. I also had a raffle and raised $40.

27 Oct 2021

Day 26 was 'at the movies' style challenge, sponsored by my choir Chordial Tones. I did it in two parts, and this is part 1. The movie? Grease. It's the word!!!

25 Oct 2021

Day 25 part 2 - my very lovely and sweet fashion friend Lisa chose to style me in .... punk! I kicked that ovarian cancer away and told it to Frock off!

25 Oct 2021

Day 25 ended up being a 2 part post. First up was P!nk sponsored by Lois. P!nk is not someone I associate with frocking, but it turns out we have the same taste.

24 Oct 2021

Day 24 was a Princess sponsored challenge by Kellie, Grant and Gus.

24 Oct 2021

Day 23 part 2, we went to the wedding of James and Amanda. It was a beautiful wedding and so privileged to have been part of the event.

24 Oct 2021

Day 23 part 1 - the whole day was themed white wedding. This was sponsored by the Eclectic Squirrels.

24 Oct 2021

Day 22 I reached out my hand to this stranger and asked him to donate to my Frocktober fundraiser.

22 Oct 2021

Day 21 and I survived with a Priscilla Queen of the Dessert challenge from Christine. 10 frocks to go. Have you given me a style challenge yet?

20 Oct 2021

Day 20 and a no theme day. I have a big one tomorrow so took the chance to be quiet and normal today.
Meanwhile, my team has jointly raised over $9,000!!

19 Oct 2021

Day 19 part 2 - greek goddess. I decided to do a modern version and channelled my inner Nana Mouskouri. The ultimate 20th century Greek goddess.

More funds are needed to find early detection tests for ovarian cancer. It's a silent killer. Get loud with me and throw more coin my way!!

19 Oct 2021

Day 19 part 1 - I had no outfit planned so asked my friend Kathy if she'd like to give me a style tip. She suggestd Pretty in Pink or Greek Goddess. I decided to do both, with Pretty in Pink being part 1.

18 Oct 2021

Day 18 was this Frockstars choice. I went with a dress with a swishy skirt.

I also got past $1,000! Thank you to everyone who helped so far. I've still got a lot more in me so roll in your coin.

17 Oct 2021

Day 18 was a sponsored day for Miss Avryl who asked for Scarlett O'hara. I had made an attempt last week bit it wasn't up to my standard. So today I did the red dress for her, and threw in a bonus Rhett Butler!

17 Oct 2021

Day 16 and Girls just wana have fun! Today was the first of 2 challenges laid down by te Eclectic Squirrels. I'm a few coins off $1000 and it bothers me that I'm not at a whole number. Who will help to round it up?
Another challenge being delivered tomorrow. I hope you give a damn.

15 Oct 2021

Day 25 and we're off to the opera! Not the best timing for a fur coat outfit given it was 32 degrees today. Thank you to Ross for sponsoring this outfit.

14 Oct 2021

Day 14 - Rumble in the Jungle. It is Jumanji inspired day, sponsored by Jodie T. I also have smashed my goal, thank you to my generous sponsors. Let's get loud! I've got more tiger in my tank.

13 Oct 2021

Day 13 and I'm getting pretty loud. Through my brooch, earrings and this stunning dress I had a lot to say. I'm not far off my goal, what will it take to get your coin?

12 Oct 2021

Day 12 was Marvel-lous with a super hero challenge by Katrina and her team from work. I went for Marvel's super girl with a corporate twist. Keep your challenges rolling in!

11 Oct 2021

Day 11 and I took a leap of faith with these heck loud stockings. Getting close to my fundraising goal, but like me I know you got a lot more to give. Keep rolling that coin in.

10 Oct 2021

Day 10 was a 2 part day. I went to a 'bring out your old Holdens' at a vintage car club. Part 2 was a Scarlett O'Hara inspired outfit. I failed to produce anything worthy of Avryl's donation so part 2 is deferred.

10 Oct 2021

Day 9 was a self selected challenge. I was inspired by my boxer dog pack walk and wore the colours of Flibby (my boxer dog).

10 Oct 2021

Day 7 was another Everage day. Looks like I got mixed up! Robyn at work so admired my outfit she wore the same dress!

10 Oct 2021

Day 8 was a Nintendo challenge sponsored by Allen. He was so impressed he is considering sponsoring another!

08 Oct 2021

Day 7 was a Nintendo challenge from Allen. I was going to do Ribbon Girl, but ended up channelling Princess Peach. Help me style up by donating $50 or more.

06 Oct 2021

Day 6 - started off cold in my part of the world. No theme today so I matched my frock to a gorgeous Butttercups Babe brooch. The Dame is coming back tomorrow!

06 Oct 2021

Day 5 I was spotted in my Cruella outfit, sponsored by Jo. Jo also works as a sonographer at a Women's imaging clinic. I had been referred for an ultrasound of my ovaries as one of a few tests for bloating and other digestive issues. Thankfully I got the all clear. The symptoms for ovarian cancer are vague and there is no early detection test. Help me raise funds for Ovarian cancer research and frock off cancer!

05 Oct 2021

Day 4 - I brought my warrior game on with some help by Wonder Woman. I also received a style tip which I might play out this week.

04 Oct 2021

Day 3 I was cleaning ovarian cancer away with a 1950s inspired get up. I have lots of days left for styling tips!

03 Oct 2021

Day 2 was a bit more casual with still an Australian Dame vibe. If you haven't given me a style challenge yet you'd better hop to it!

01 Oct 2021

Day 1 started loud with Dame Edna, the Australian Grand Dame in a cacophony of brooches. She'll be making a regular appearance this Frocktober. Her beautiful brooch bouquet was made by Ziggy from choir. Who else will we see this Frocktober?