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I'm Frocking Up to raise funds for Australia's most lethal gynaecological cancer - ovarian cancer. I’ll be aiming to wear a different frock each day this month and pair it with a different Ruby Olive accessory to raise awareness and much needed research funding!

The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia is just 48%, meaning those diagnosed get less than half a chance of surviving five years from their diagnosis. I want to help change the statistics and give those diagnosed with ovarian cancer a greater chance of survival. Research is the answer. Frocktober supports the OCRF - the leading non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in Australia.

Please help me support the vital work of the OCRF, and the dedicated researchers they fund, by making a donation to my page. Every dollar counts!

My Updates

31 Oct 2022

Happy Halloween and final day of Frocktober! Today is the final day and one final Team Theme - Rainbow! I have a Little Party Dress Neon Love rainbow dress (hoping I’ll be forgiven at work today) and a multicoloured bead necklace from Ruby Olive! Thanks for your donations whether direct, to me or the team, via purchases of dresses or jewellery from supporting companies!

31 Oct 2022

Penultimate day yesterday, day 30 (dress 31). By Samantha Melbourne Emerald wrap dress and Ruby Olive Hibiscus necklace

30 Oct 2022

Day 29 Navy blue Leina&Fleur Aubrey dress with orange shoes and matching orange heart brooch!

30 Oct 2022

Day 28 By Samantha Melbourne wrap dress in Sakura print and white Ruby Olive bracelets. I found a sculpture at a beach castaway exhibition in a frock too

30 Oct 2022

Day 27 (dress 28) Claire Aussie native print wrap dress from By Samantha Melbourne and green Bloom earrings from Ruby Olive

26 Oct 2022

Day 26 my first By Samantha Melbourne wrap dress and white Ruby Olive feather drop earrings

26 Oct 2022

Day 25 (frock 26) a Leina & Fleur claret Clara Coat dress and pop art brooch from Ruby Olive

26 Oct 2022

Day 24, frock 25 of Frocktober. Team Tjeme day - Stripes

White Stuff UK nautical dress with hard to see pale pink Ruby Olive floral earrings with stripes centre

23 Oct 2022

Day 23 Leona &Fleur earlier Bonnie dress (with pockets) and multi strand pale pink candy necklace from Ruby Olive!

23 Oct 2022

Day 23 By Samantha Melbourne Flowering Gums wrap in partnership with Sally Hinkley Art and a multi layer pink smarties necklace from Ruby Olive

23 Oct 2022

Day 21 frock 2of 2. Mach Mess Dinner to celebrate the Battle of Trafalgar 217 on!

Andromeda sparkly midnight wrap dress from By Samantha Melbourne and black feather drop earrings from Ruby Olive

23 Oct 2022

Day 21 frock #1 of 2
This one for work - a By Samantha Melbourne soft dress in navy based Chloe print

23 Oct 2022

Oops I’m posting on Instagram and Facebook but have here for e few days. I’m on catch up😳😬
Day 20. By Samantha Melbourne Floral Print wrap and Ruby Olive yellow everyday drop earrings!

19 Oct 2022

Leona dress and teal/green everyday drop earrings by Ruby Olive for day 19

18 Oct 2022

Day 18. Today Ruby Olive Yellow and Pink Wooden bead necklaces and a By Samantha Melbourne wrap dress in a mustard yellow with print flowers and cranes

18 Oct 2022

Day 17

Team Theme Day - Spots

Feathers wrap dress in black with white spots and Ruby Olive white with black spots drop earrings!

17 Oct 2022

Days 15 & 16 together;
Recovery weekend trying to recipes after a heavy cold.
Kathmandu jersey collared dress with blue Ruby Olive heart stud earrings and Leona by Leona Edmiston floral blue and white summer jersey dress with Ruby Olive cream wooden bead necklace and cream stud earring

17 Oct 2022

On catch up - Day 14 posted to Facebook on Friday

Feathers Caramel and white spot true wrap dress and Ruby Olive wooden stud earrings

13 Oct 2022

#frocktober2022 Day 12

Red white and blue again today Sharon. Red and white Leina & Fleur Aubrey reversible dress and matching Ruby Olive red feather drop earrings and a warm coatigan and furry slipper for the win💁‍♀️!

11 Oct 2022

Day 11. By Samantha Melbourne Rosella wrap dress and Ruby Olive navy feathers earrings . This image is just a screen grab of an attempt to create an Instagram Reel

11 Oct 2022

Caught a heavy head cold and stayed home on Day 10. Today was a team theme day - Florals! So I wore my Protea Sketch Tinic dress and yellow Ruby Olive flower stud earrings! 10 dresses for 10 days. 10 different Ruby Olive accessories too!

11 Oct 2022

Oops behind on posts, but I’m up to date on Facebook (Kay Marie)
Day 9 Crane faux wrap Leona Edmiston dress and red wood bead necklace from Ruby Olive!

08 Oct 2022

Frocktober Day 8. Far quieter but a Splendid Wren print Rummage Style Dress (with pockets - yay!) accessorising with a Ruby Olive wooden bead necklace (borrowed from a friend 😉).

07 Oct 2022

Day 7! By Samantha Melbourne Kasey in Emerald/Pink wrap dress and Ruby Olive Black drop earrings.

07 Oct 2022

#frocktober2022 Day 6

For Sharon - as pink as my wardrobe allows! Leina & Fleur pinks and grey Persian print in a style called ‘Jett’ and pink everyday drop earrings from Ruby Olive!

Had a little play with the Instagram features that hopefully show up in the Facebook ‘reels’ and ‘stories’ sections (who knew 💁‍♀️) https://instagram.com/stories/kayclay19/2943070964251918051?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

06 Oct 2022

Happy Humpday! 5th different dresses;5th different Ruby Olive accessory paring

Another By Samantha Melbourne dress today - bright and awesome - and received a great deal of comment. I think the print is called Desert Dreaming? Red Ruby Olive everyday drop earrings and my favourite purple tights - because I could!!!

05 Oct 2022

Hello Day 4! Our Dame fROckstars fundraising team designated today ‘Teal Tuesday’ for the first weekly theme, so here I am in a By Samantha Melbourne Ava wrap dress with pretty teal and pink prints and my Ruby Olive Teal stud earrings. Snaps taken this morning on campus with a fellow fROckstar Dame Avryl in a dress I also own but maybe it wound have been too matchy-matchy to have worn the same 👗💁‍♀️😀😄

03 Oct 2022

Day 3…a little jaded at end of a long work day but did achieve rocking one of my By Samantha Melbourne wrap dresses in Mayfire print with lovely Australian flora, a little cooler today so I have a navy coatigan on but have also paired this dress with some Ruby Olive bright orange ball drop earrings too!

3 Dresses, 3 different Ruby Olive earrings for 3 days! ✅✅✅

02 Oct 2022

Day 2 - Super bowl 10pin Bowling in aa pretty Hope print dress and Ruby Olive white everyday drops!

01 Oct 2022

Well I’m at it gain! Teaming up with some wonderful ladies based across Australia Frocktober 2022 Dame fROckstars to raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Today I’m in a fun navy, teal and pink oriental print dress from a company called Leina & Fleur (she’s called Monique) and navy blue stud earrings from @Rubyoliveonline. I also managed my first ‘reel’ ://www.facebook.com/reel/821085679036449?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V