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I'm Frocking Up to raise funds for Australia's most lethal gynaecological cancer - ovarian cancer. The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia is just 49%, meaning those diagnosed get less than half a chance of surviving five years from their diagnosis. I want to help change the statistics and give those diagnosed with ovarian cancer a greater chance of survival. Research is the answer.

Please help me support the vital work of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), and the dedicated researchers they fund, by making a donation to my page. Every dollar counts!

My Updates

15 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 15 @ocrf

Fact: The most common types of ovarian cancer are epithelial, germ cell and stromal cell.

Today’s frocks are by @misterzimi

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far 💕💕💕

15 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 14 @ocrf

Fact: Only around 10-15% of ovarian cancer cases are linked to genetic factors such as the BRCA gene mutations.

Today’s frock is by @misterzimi

15 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 13 @ocrf

Ladies, please take note!! The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often vague, and may not even present significantly until the cancer has advanced. Symptoms can include persistent or sudden onset of: bloating and abdominal swelling, appetite loss or feeling full quickly, tiredness, unexplained changes in weight, change in frequency of urination.

Today’s frock is by @misterzimi

15 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 12 @ocrf

The OCRF has four key research funding priorities: early detection, treatment, prevention and recurrence management.

Today’s frock is by @bysamanthamelbourne

By Samantha has been a wonderful supporter for Frocktober and our fundraising group Dame Frocksters 👗

12 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 11 @ocrf

Fact: This year, around 1,815 Australians will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer@😥

Todays frock is by @leonaedmiston

An inside, end of day selfie as the weather and wind was not our friend.

12 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 10 @ocrf

Fact: More than 50% of the community incorrectly believe that a cervical screening test will detect ovarian cancer - it won't.

Todays frock is by @maiocchi_

09 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 9 @ocrf

Hello there 👋

Would you like give me a hand to raise important funds for ovarian cancer research.

Did you know that the only way to confirm an ovarian cancer diagnosis is through invasive surgery and biopsy.?How awful this must be 🥲

Todays frock is by @leonaedmiston

08 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 8 @ocrf

Fact: If caught in stages 1a or 1b, survival rates for ovarian cancer patients are as high as 92%. However, only 19% of cases are diagnosed early due to vagueness of symptoms and lack of an early detection test.

Todays frock is by @bysamanthamelbourne

07 Oct 2023

Froctober Day 7 @ocrf

Fact: When diagnosed in the later stages - which is most cases - the five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer patients is just 29% 🥲

Todays frock is from @zoemoss_

I spent a gorgeous afternoon with my niece.
It’s moments like these that makes me want to strive harder with this cause to protect the woman in our lives 💕

07 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day

Did you know that historically, around 70% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will find they are already in the advanced stages of the disease 🥲

Today’s frock is by @misterzimi

Today’s pic was taken at an amazing Trucks on Tour community event put on by my work 🚒

07 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 5 @ocrf 👗

I am frocking up to raise awareness and much needed funds for Ovarian Cancer research.

Fact: The average 5-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is just 46%.

Todays frock is by @leonaedmiston

04 Oct 2023

Froctober Day 4 💃 @ocrf

Fact: Worldwide, around 300,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. This is a scary fact.

Todays frock is by @leonaedmiston
Earrings are from @rubyoliveonline

Any donation to this charity will be greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. It all counts 💕

03 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 3 @ocrf

Fact: Every 8 hours, an Australian woman dies from ovarian cancer 😢

Todays frock is by @leonaedmiston

02 Oct 2023

Frocktober Day 2 @ocrf

Fact: There is no early detection for ovarian cancer 🥲

Todays frock is by @misterzimi


01 Oct 2023

Frocktober - Day 1

I am back baby!

I will be wearing a different frock each day throughout October, raising funds for ovarian cancer research.

Fact: Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecological cancer.

Todays frock is by @bysamanthamelbourne