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I'm back for my second Froctober and help frock off ovarian cancer. I've also got a fabulous flock of ladies joining me in the Australian Dames of Fashion.

My Updates

31 Oct 2020

Day 31 - 2 dresses for Jodie.

31 Oct 2020

Day 31 - 15 dresss for donations from Kathryn, Karen, Nikki and Danielle.

31 Oct 2020

Day 31 celebrations with Kay znd Avryl from the Great Dames Team

31 Oct 2020

Day 31 is finale day. I've put the challenge out there for $10 donation I'd wear a dress not yet worn this Frocktober. Let's see how we go.

31 Oct 2020

Day 30 part 2. After yesterday's migraine it was a bit much wearing the wig, so I switched back into Amanda. I wore a new to me Leina and Fleur dress and new Sstutter UK magnificent tiger brooch. Not only did I meet my fundraising goal, but I surpassed last years final tally. My team has also raised over $22,000 and is sitting (just) at the top of the team fundraising table. Woot! I'm so proud of my team's efforts, and very thankful of those who have donated.
One day to go xx

31 Oct 2020

Day 30 part 1 was a work dress up for Halloween. I had a bit of a Mortice/ Lillian vibe going on. I also cracked my fundraising goal, which was just as well as I didn't really want to turn people into toads for not donating.

30 Oct 2020

Day 29 part 2 was poodle themed for my choir, Chordial Tones. The whole gang dressed up for Halloween. It was great fun. It would be great fun if I cracked the $2000 mark for my fundraising. If you haven't yet donated there is still time!

30 Oct 2020

Day 29 part 1. Today was 1950s rack n roll. This is the one I wore to work. There was lots of rockn, and rolln and what not. Stay tuned for part 2...

28 Oct 2020

Day 28 was a Team Dames challenge in floral. I feel very sedate after yesterday's efforts! I'm also very excited to say our Team Australian Dames of Fashion are number 1 on the Teams fundraising list! So proud of the achievements of our team, with many doing Frocktober for the first time. Only 4 outfits and 3 days left. There's still plenty of time to donate. Help me beat my last year tally - round it off to $1,900!

27 Oct 2020

Bonus for Day 27 - fulfilling Karen R's request for Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way.

27 Oct 2020

Day 27 was the third and final sponsored challenge for the N&I Contracts team of 'medieval'. I ended up as a cross between barmaid and milkmaid - either way I would be lugging a big tankard of liquid around. There is 5, or maybe 6, dresses to go over 4 days. Show your appreciation of my frocking efforts by donating.

26 Oct 2020

Day 26 - back to school! Lisa and Tanya at work challenged me to wear private school uniform strict policy application. I nailed it, but was nearly sent home to change my shoes into my Bata lace ups. Not long to go. Donate now :-).

25 Oct 2020

Day 25 I met up with my friends Avy and Jo, also Dames team mates, to do a succulent bowl class. It was run by Succulent Design by Jane at her home.

25 Oct 2020

Day 24 was a day of many dresses. I wore an animal print one for a Dames team challenge. The picture is a dress that made me happy sponsored by Anja and Sonny from Biota in Harmony. I also found a vintage Viviannes Collection while op shopping

24 Oct 2020

Frocktober day 22 part 2. I nearly forgot to post my Rockabilly Rebel sponsored by Christine. I even found some cool One Direction tattoos.

23 Oct 2020

Day 23 was sponsored by the N&I Contracts team. They asked for Bollywood. My neighbour loaned me this gorgeous authentic outfit which I wore with a Leina and Fleur dress. Not many days to go, but still enough for you to sponsor me.

22 Oct 2020

Day 22 Part 1. Yes I have two challenges today. First one was sponsored by the N&I Contracts team and was Harry Potter. I slithered my way into work!

21 Oct 2020

Day 21 and its a Wednesday, which means Dames team challenge day. The theme was spots or stripes, but I couldn't choose so did both. My styling dance card is officially full, and tomorrow I'm doing a double styling challenge day. By day for the N&I Contracts team, and by night for Christine T. Game on.
If you are enjoying my Frocktober efforts why not pop some coin in my fundraising bank 😃

20 Oct 2020

Day 20 I got to spoil myself with an outfit choice. I went with this lovely Sacha Drake number, so comfy to wear. Tomorrow brings us another Team Dames challenge. I still have a couple of spots free for a challenge. Hit me up with a $50 donation and your styling choice.

19 Oct 2020

Day 19 - the colours of Flibby (my boxer dog), sponsored by Erica. Flib wasn't keen on the photo shoot, but I'm sure she appreciates what I'm fundraising for.

18 Oct 2020

Day 18 was vintage glam sponsored by Michelle B. We are on the downhill slope of Frocktober. Not many days left to sponsor me or get your donations in.

17 Oct 2020

Day 17 Frocktober was a sponsored post by Helen M. She wanted an outfit that showed off my Flibby the boxer brooches. I've worn one as a necklace. I also went to a Frocktoberfest and a lovely Canadian couple gave me $50 for a donation. Such generosity from people who were strangers to me!

Tomorrow I'm finally doing Michelle B's challenge - vintage glam.

16 Oct 2020

Day 16 - wow! Today the Dames dressed in formal to celebrate one of our team member's husbands 40th. I continue to be amazed by the generosity. Today the N&I Contracts team had a morning tea and raised $150, which they are putting to my Frocktober fundraiser. Plus they asked for 3 challenges (Bollywood, Harry Potter and Medieval). My styling challenge calendar is looking pretty full.

16 Oct 2020

Day 15 brought a bit of stylish Art Deco, with thanks from Sue I. I also brushed my hair 😄. Wearing another L&F dress. Ok, I have a few. They are easy wear, easy care stylish garments. Plus many of them come with pockets.
Nearly halfway through Frocktober and not many chances left to style me up!

14 Oct 2020

Day 14 was another team challenge. The Dames of Australian fashion have now collectively raised over $10,000! Today we all wore wrap dresses. My wrap dress is fab as it has pockets. Nearly half way. Have you donated yet? Style me up too for a $50 or more donation.

13 Oct 2020

Day 13 Frocktober where my hair and my dress were very swishy. Wearing an L&F dress with POCKETS!!
Today saw my team smash through another fundraising goal ($10,000) and I also received some very generous donations too. Thank you to those who have contributed to this cause. There's still room in my donation bank for your coin.

12 Oct 2020

Day 12's buzzing outfit is to make you bee happy. Today is sponsored by Katrina who asked for colour and happiness. Katrina also gave me the earrings. You could make me bee happier by donating and help fund ovarian cancer research.

11 Oct 2020

Day 11 and its a lovely summery Sunday. Wearing an L&F frock that I had the sleeves shortened on. Don't forget to donate to help me frock off ovarian cancer!

11 Oct 2020

Frocktober Day 10 - casual Saturday in a cotton frock. I had bought this frock from a local vintage store (Horatio and Agathas) so took her back for a visit. The shop assistant was impressed.

09 Oct 2020

Just realised I duplicated day 7. Whoops.

09 Oct 2020

Day 8 is a self challenge for achieving a fundraising goal. I'm doing Formal Friday. Wearing a Marks and Spencer cocktail dress bought through Good Sammies!

09 Oct 2020

Day 7 was a golfing inspired challenge sponsored by my sister Jodie T. For a non golfer I did ok. Wearing a Leina and Fleur green Tia (tee-a) dress, eagle brooch, palm brooch, gold ball white earrings and the golden jacket for winners of the Australian Masters.

07 Oct 2020

Day 7 the Australian Dames of Fashion did a group challenge. We all wore Leina &Fleur Stella dresses and cracked our group fundraising tally over $6000!! I'm blown away by the generosity of our donors. Tomorrow I have a sponsored golf inspired challenge by Jodie T. What will I wear?

06 Oct 2020

Day 6 Frocktober was a sponsored styling day by the lovely ladies at the Eclectic Squirrels. Not only did they give a donation they also put up this classic vintage 80s dress. We are doing a team challenge tomorrow wearing the same style of dress.
Like a bolt put of blue, electric blue.
Icehouse? Turn it up.

05 Oct 2020

Day 5 and I've sprung into action in my spring floral Leina & Fleur dress. I've been blown away by the generosity of family and friends to this cause - funding research into Ovarian cancer. We still need your coin, and I have plenty of Style me days left. Thanks to my work friends I'll now be doing Formal Fridays.

04 Oct 2020

Day 4 in Frocktober was spent visiting loved ones, household chores and an aromatherapy massage. Wearing an older Metalicus dress today. I have 3 challenges coming up this week; a dress from The Eclectic Squirrels, golf theme (my sister Jodie) and vintage glam (Michelle B). If my total reaches $500 this week I'll do formal Friday. You know where to send your coin - every little bit helps.

03 Oct 2020

Day 3 - rocking and frocking. I had some generous donations today. Help my total get over $500 and I'll do Formal Fridays!

02 Oct 2020

Day 2 Frocktober there is nothing that says frock more than a long party dress. I also have been given my first style challenge 'vintage glam' by Michelle-thank you xx

There is no test for Ovarian cancer, and it is one of the highest gynaecological killers in women. All coin donated goes towards ovararian cancer research. Donate today. You know you want to. Xx

01 Oct 2020

Day 1 Frocktober kicked of in fabulous fashion with a frolicking frock from Leina and Fleur. For donations over $50 you can style me for a day. Help me frock off Ovarian cancer.